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The Twist to Twisted Trivia

My goal with Twisted Trivia is to add value around the traditional trivia game, I want to bring San Diego a trivia event they've never seen before. That's why we call it Twisted Trivia.

local pacific beach bar host and a guest are standing outside the bar

We do a lot ore than just play trivia in San Diego three nights a week. Mini games, competitions, jokes, crowd participation, sing alongs, the list goes on. All while still playing a competitive game of 20 trivia questions for prizes in about 120 minutes.

Twisted Trivia has caught San Diego by storm and it's only getting bigger. We play Twisted Trivia Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday! I'll tag information about each event and how to RSVP at the bottom of this article.

I hope to see you at a Twisted Trivia in your neighborhood very soon!

I also host College Football Saturdays and NFL Sundays at Nautilus Tavern all season long! You can also catch me at the Local Pacific Beach every Friday and Saturday night MCing their upstairs nightclub!

funny drink challenges at a bar in san diego
Happy people at one of san diego trivia events


Don't miss Weekly Twisted Trivia Events:

Wednesday: Quartyard Downtown

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