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Twisted Trivia at “Draft at Belmont Park”

Twisted Trivia at “Draft in Mission Beach at Belmont Park” is our newest Twisted Trivia event in San Diego and it is picturesque to say the least! Located in Belmont Park, Draft has an amazing view of the beach and when the sunset spills into Draft while we play trivia, its evident why tourists flock to San Diego every year.

Close up photo of san diego south draft mission bar logo

This is a fun one because we get a lot of teams that are visiting while on vacation so their energy and attention enhances the game. Draft shows your favorite sports on huge TV’s so you won’t miss any action while you’re playing trivia! They also have one of the best cheeseburgers in San Diego, we swear by it!

Daniel and a guest of south draft mission bar in san diego

Draft is great for trivia because it’s one large open room with high ceilings so sound carries very well within the venue. All the staff and attendees have been nothing but friendly, it’s hard to be in a bad mood with the beach right at your doorstep!

Draft’s wireless microphone allows our host to walk around and interact with teams on a more intimate level. We also show the questions on the bar TV’s, which is great if you missed the question or need to refer back to it. Twisted Trivia is played via a website so you don’t have to constantly be getting in and out of your seat to turn in answers!

Twisted Trivia at Draft happens every Tuesday at 6:30 pm and we are just heating up at Draft, if you'd like to RSVP click here! This is our newest event and we expect it to be our busiest event in the coming year, with a wireless microphone we are taking Twisted Trivia to the next level by really getting our attendees involved! We hope to see you at Twisted Trivia one of these Tuesdays at 6:30 pm, Draft is calling!

Guests of south draft mission bar and the bar host smiling at camera


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