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Bachelorette mondays at cabo cantina!

We are proud to host San Diego's best Bachelorette Viewing Party, every Monday starting at 8:30 pm at Cabo Cantina in Pacific Beach! Truthfully speaking, we had never seen an episode of Bachelorette until the beginning of this season, and we're hooked! By the way has anyone else noticed Brayden's terrible earrings choices and how Charity just makes out with everyone...

This has been a really fun event for us as it isn't as crazy as our weekly trivia and bingo events, but we still love to keep the energy up with mini games and Bachelor/Bachelorette themed trivia for prizes. We incorporate different elements of the show in some of our mini games and the event to make it fun and on brand. Everyone that comes to watch the show gets a rose as well, because who doesn't love to accept the rose??? Even furry fans of the show get one!

Plus 2-for-1's once the show begins as well as famous margaritas and the ability to sample them during our "Guess the Flavor" margarita competition! This event is a great way to save money while still being out amongst all the lovely PB crowd, the perfect cure for those Monday blues. We want everyone to have fun, one of our favorite games to play is musical flip cup!

This is truly a unique event, no other viewing parties offer what we do, and as the season continues we have plans for even more unique activities and on brand things to make this event truly the best it can be! We hope to see at Cabo Cantina next Monday at 8:30 pm for the next installment of Bachelorette, if you'd like to RSVP click here.

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